SignMeeting GRR


2019-06-17 V1.13.10 download

  • For users having existing SignMeeting projects in the previous version SignMeeting 1.11.XX,
    • Install Screen Composer V3.20.15
    • Open your existing SignMeeting project, import the new App SignMeeting version 1.13.10
    • To complete the migration, edit the SignMeeting's form as usual. Save the form by pressing on the Finish button and close the form.
    • Edit the SignMeeting's form once again to check the version shown in the form.
      • The label version V1.13.10 on the top right corner of the form indicates that the migration has been completed see the version
      • In case the version is still 1.11.XX, go in the Screen Composer menu Settings > Preferences > Project and App and click on the App version Upgrade button. For further information, contact
  • Add support for Gekkota 4 devices
  • Add support in the Room Label layout for Check Out button to free the room resource
  • Add support for screen saver feature
    • Room screen layout:
      • Background content when there is no current meeting nor near future meeting
        • Show the screen saver after <x> min, and leave <y> min before the start of the next meeting
          • Image or video media to display
            • file selection
          • Use an interactive marker
            • Label to display
          • note: if no custom CSS has been applied, the default "Innes" logo appears on the default screen saver
    • Summary screen by event layout & Summary screen by resource layouts:
      • Background content when there is no current or future meeting
        • Label to display when no screen saver
        • Show the screen saver after <x> min
          • Image or video media to display
            • file selection
          • Use an interactive marker
            • Label to display
  • Add support for a background image in each Main page tab of each layout
    • Summary screen by event
    • Summary screen by resource
    • Room screen
  • Add support in the Main page tab of the Room screen layout for a default message to be displayed when there is no meeting
    • Text when there is no current meeting
    • Text when there is no next meeting
  • Add support for an optional background image in the notification screen (notificationpage_background value in custom CSS)
  • Add support for an option to display or not each label (Room Screen layout)
  • Add support for modifying the Menu button title of the main screen (Room Screen layout)
  • Add support for modifying the Notification button title of the main screen (Room Screen layout)
  • Add support for USB smart card reader
  • Add badgeID value as the default value for the LDAP filtering cross reference attribute field
  • Add new date formats
    • ddd d mm yyyy (ex: Thu 23/12/2019)
    • dddd d mmmm yyyy (ex: Thursday, December 23, 2019)
    • dd mmmm yy (ex: May 23, 19)
    • ddd d mmmm yyyy (ex: Fri 4 August 2017)
    • dddd d mmmm yyyy (ex: Friday 4 August 2017)
  • Add support new version of custom CSS supporting
    • a default background
    • a splitter between current meeting and next meeting (adding and configuration)
    • a colour configuration for the buttons
    • new button colours
    • a specific rendering customization per device based on their devices MAC, UUID or Hostname identification method value or on their FIELD<1..5> variable value
  • Add attendees list display with scrolling
  • Add support for a signs library (72 icons) or signs importation (for resources in summary screen)
  • Add configurable timeout to return to main page in case no user activity has been detected
  • Add support for RFID badge
    • authentication (with and without LDAP)
    • modulation type selection (permitting to focus only on some RFID badge modulation and improve RFID badge detection efficiency as well)
    • display modulation and baud rate when badging is detected (diagnostic mode activated) (requires Gekkota 3.12.25)
    • timeout disconnection when no activity for a duration (60 sec by default)
    • automatic disconnection when RFID badge is detected and user was previously connected
  • Add support for LDAP
    • with (or without) authentication by Distinguish Name (DN) and password (admin or any other user)
      • in case authentication anonymous, connexion as anonymous needs to be activated inside LDAP system as well
      • support error message in case LDAP connexion failure
    • RFID badge authentication by [DN + attribute]
      • support filtering by entity type in order to decrease LDAP answer time
      • support error message in case search failure
      • support optional research of LDAP user owning RFID badge in another DN
    • attribute validity (and/or)
      • activation
        • with supported format
          • vrai, yes, on, 1 (for for valid status)
          • faux, no, off, 0 (for invalid status)
      • start date / end date with supported format
        • d/m/yy
        • dd/mm/yyyy
        • Account expires timestamp (number of ns since 1st Jan 1601)
        • Active directory generalized time (ex: 20151009225600.0Z)
  • Add support for creation of several instances of different layouts (until 10 at all)
    • room screen
    • summary screen by event
      • landscape
      • portrait
    • Summary screen by resource
      • landscape
      • portrait
    • Room label (for SMH300/SLATE106 solution)
  • Add possibility to remove reservation and consultation button (summary screen)
  • Add support for diagnostic console mode
  • Add new items in event detail
    • number of attendees (at the right of attendees)
    • phone number
  • Add support for viewing of meeting scheduled across several days, or all day long
    • Note: In this case, SignMeeting is splitting the meeting across several days as much as there is day to display the meeting from working day start time to working day end time.
    • For example, a meeting from Monday 2:00PM to Wednesday 12:00, with working day 7:00 21:00, is split into 3 meetings:
      • Monday : 1st meeting from 2:00 to 21:00
      • Tuesday : 2th meeting from 7:00 to 21:00
      • Wednesday: 3rd meeting from 7:00 to 12:00
    • It is not possible to modify or delete meeting scheduled across several days
  • Add Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 research option in interface Datasource / Advanced permitting to get additional information coming from LDAP directory (which can be inserted in the meeting title afterwards)
    • Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 can have any attributes of LDAP attribute editor. It is advised to use string or integer format
    • Even if this option is activated, in case the Attribute value is empty, that does not prevent from successful badge authentication
  • Add a tooltip to display Attribute(s) values
  • Add support for SMTP tab (email sender configuration)
    • Note for Exchange 365: given the SSL negotiation is done afterwards, the URL has to follow the scheme smtp:// (and not smtps://) (ex: smtp://
    • To know the supported authentications, please refer Gekkota application note Email and supported authentication
  • Add notification page in Room Screen tab permitting to enter new item. Each item is corresponding to a new button which is added automatically in email interface
    • label, subject, recipient address, pictogram
  • Add email pictogram permitting to send email with predefined
    • label,
    • subject
      • Note: in case LDAP is defined, LDAP variable (by example: RFID badge number) can be inserted dynamically in the subject
    • recipient address
    • pictogram
    • Note: email pictogram appears only when recipient list of Notification page is not empty (Room Screen tab/Menu)
    • Note: when RFID badging required, email pictogram is only active when a user is authenticated
  • Add support for optional duration before displaying report as empty button
  • Add support for German language
  • Add support for custom Javascript file permitting to control SignMeeting buttons (JavaScript provided only for some specific customers)
  • GRR V1.9, V3.4
  • Screen Composer V3.20.15 (or above)
  • Gekkota 3.12.57 (or above)
    • Summary screen by event: DMC200, SMT210, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
    • Summary screen by resource: DMC200, SMT210, SMA200, SMP200, SMA300, DMB300, WINDOWS platforms
    • Room Screen: SMT210
    • Room Label: SMH300
  • Gekkota 4.11.10 (or above)
    • Summary screen by event: SMT210, SMA300, DMB400, DME204
    • Summary screen by resource: SMT210, SMA300, DMB400, DME204
    • Room Screen: SMT210
    • Room Label: SMH300
  • LDAP V3 (used by Windows Server 2000/Active directory and above Windows Server version)
  • Briva LDAP
  • CSS 1.13.10
  • Custom Script 1.13.XX






2015-06-10 V1.11.17 download

  • Add confirmation screen when pressing "Room is empty" button
  • Add: return to main screen when timeout "no user activity" of screen "book a meeting" has expired (based on IDLE api)
  • Change: alarms for multi are now fixed (not configurable)
  • Change user error message when associating a same ressource twice to a player
  • Change (multi-portrait) default displayed lines number is 15 (instead of 14) when banner is present
  • Fix (multi) random banner display issue when logo is activated (linked media management)
  • Fix error message not displayed when the player not properly configured
  • Fix "Book now" button availability issue when playing with navigation menu

2015-01-16 V1.11.15 download

  • Change split the date and time display in two lines with different formats
  • Change default value to false for parameter 'return to the background when no meeting'
  • Fix date/time format not properly shown when upgrading from an older version
  • Fix in case server not available at SignMeeting start-up and becomes available afterwards

2014-12-16 V1.11.11

  • Initial version