Playzilla App is designed for Digital Signage (monitors, TVs, large Format LED Screens, video walls , kiosk, etc.).

Playback is made simple with Playzilla, a powerful app offering a high level of rendering.

Contents can be managed by Screen Composer for a single user or by PlugnCast CMS for collaborative and multi-site needs.

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HyperText Markup Language 5

Playzilla integrates the Mozilla Gecko engine for rendering HTML. Pages can come from a website or uploaded with their resources (web archive).


Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language

Playzilla supports W3C SMIL 3.0 and its layouts are CSS3 compliant. A JavaScript support has also been added for the Device API (Display Standby , Trigger Dry Contacts , Database access, etc.)

Screen Composer

Discover Screen Composer, a software dedicated to single-user of content management !
Screen Composer is native in all the Innes media players. Users can make multimedia compositions with multi-zone grids by a simple drag and drop.


Playzilla is an outstanding signage software based and designed on open-source yet reliable philosophy. Innes is a regular contributor to the open-source community.

Multi platform

Playzilla is proposed for all our range of media players Gekkota elinux based.
Playzilla is also available for Windows 7+.


Thanks to Gekkota, Playzilla use hardware accelerations. Rotations, transformations and transisitons is made using OpenGL or DirectX. Video decoding is managed by the electronic circuits.

Many media formats supported

Playzilla reads multi-zone layout, images, pdfs, web pages, video and sound. MS-Powerpoint and Adobe Flash files can also play without conversion with plugin inside Gekkota for MS-Windows.

It supports too live feeds, real-time audio stream (UDP, etc) and event driven scenarios.

Playzilla is designed as a HTML5 App.

Playzilla supports too WGT widget, RSS feeds and live a/v stream (UDP, HTTP, DVB, etc).