CMS PlugnCast

The CMS multimedia PlugnCast is designed for Digital Signage and IPTV.

It consists of a server software and of a Web based user interface.

Two software editions are available: On-Premises mode, installed on one of your servers, or Off-Premises mode, a hosted service proposed by Innes.

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On-Premises Plugncast

Locally hosted Server

The On-Premises PlugnCast software edition can be installed on a MS-Windows Server. Easy to implement; Run setup, fill in the questionnaire about the organization of your filesystem and make a first setting.

Off-Premises PlugnCast

Server hosted by Innes in Data Center

The Off-Premises edition PlugnCast is 'ready for use'. The infrastructure is handled by Innes and Internet Data Center professionals.

Single Sign On

PlugnCast’s advanced features allows rapid takeover of the CMS tool and handy to determine the user reference base management.
The On-Premises Edition supports LDAP V3 / AD.


Security in the design of PlugnCast generation 3 has been specified at the firt stage of the project.
The Software prefers HTTPS communications. Many scenarios of cyber-attacks were considered each with a response minimizing the risk of downtime, data lost and privacy theft.


The easy-to-use PlugnCast user interface does'nt interfere on features that manage the screens network.

A High Performing and Independent CMS

PlugnCast generation 3 is built with a native code and is totally independent from any runtime environment such as Java or .NET. This guarantees a high performing and stable runtime execution.

A leading name in the market

PlugnCast is recognized as one of the most successful digital signage CMS.

A team of multidisciplinary R&D and ergonomists are dedicated to this software and editing upgrades since 10 years. The Software architecture is stable and settled thanks to numerous uses cases reviews.

PlugnCast’s advanced features allows rapid takeover of the CMS tool and meets all of the market requirements.

Principle of operation

User agents communicate with PlugnCast Server using an HTTP(S) connection.

Publication of a playback scenario is realized by copying all files to a built-in WebDAV server or external (IIS or Apache).

The media players regularly (Heartbeat) check if the distribution server contains new files to download. In this case, they launched an upload transaction to synchronize. In case of loss of connection or data, the media player takes new transaction and guarantees the integrity of the content to play.

Main features of PlugnCast

Builtin Slide Editor
Digital assets preview (Video, Picture, HTML5 Widget, PDF, ...)
Templates library
PDF and MS-Powerpoint page time duration editor
Organization by folder
Font manager with preview
Linear and event driven playout
Playout calendar with exceptions and recurences
Calendar event preview
Multi-zone layout with transitions and animations
Portrait and landscape mode
Media errors detection before publishing
Group of targets by tag organization
Targets and playout channels association by drag and drop
Powerful screen and targets monitoring
Screen standby and reboot management
Opt-out process
Firmware and configuration update
+120 permissions
Roles management (content editor, contributor,...)
ACL on all resources
Users group definitions
Assigning Owners of Resources
Single User Authentication (SSO)