SMH300 troubleshooting options

The goal of the application note is to inform about the available troubleshooting options when you think you are facing some pairing issue or content updating issue between SMH300 device and your SLATE106 devices


Indeed, given that there is no video connector available for SMH300 devices, for debug issue, it is possible to view the image of the last video output content which is stored periodically into an image screenshot.jpg, available from the SMH300 device WebUI: http://<player_ip_address>/.output/.

The image may contain the following problems:

  • Invalid licence
  • Application error message

But it can also be used to monitor the content printed sequentially into images and destined to the SLATE106 devices

.output folder: one subfolder for each SLATE106 device

A SMH300 device can handle up to 20 SLATE106 devices. Each SLATE106 identifier (from #1 to #20) is associated to a subfolder in the directory http://<player_ip_address>/.output/ whose the names are between 1 and 20: 1, 2, 3, ..., 19, 20.

For every paired SLATE106 device, some specific files are then created and updated in the corresponding subfolder. For example, connected to the http://<player_ip_address>/.admin/ , if the SLATE106 device is at the position #5 in the Slate Pairing tab (in the menu output), the information related to the SLATE106 device #5 will be saved into http://<player_ip_address>/.output/5/.

You should find these files:

  • .psn: file containing the decimal PSN of the SLATE106 device
  • appli.cfg: file containing the current configuration that the SMH300 has for this SLATE106 device:
    • that is the configuration of the SLATE106 device only if the pairing state of the SLATE106 device in the "Slate Pairing" tab is not Configuration in progress
    • that will be the configuration of the SLATE106 device when it wakes up only if the pairing state of the SLATE106 device in the "Slate Pairing" tab is Configuration in progress
  • .paired or .pairing: pairing status file
    • .pairing: the SLATE106 device pairing with the SMH300 device is in progress.
    • .paired: the SLATE106 device is paired to the SMH300 device.
  • smh300.ppk: this file is an image .ppk generated by the application to be displayed on the SLATE106 device. The .ppk file date is updated each time the image content is updated. This image .ppk cannot be read with a standard image viewer. Note: for other application than SignMeeting application, the filename could be different