Patch format and recovery


  • The goal of this USB patch is to:
    • restore a device Gekkota_os to factory settings with patch USB format or
    • repair or format disk with patch USB recovery
  • Attention, the patch USB format:

    • Erases your device licence,
    • Installs a specific Gekkota version
    • Restores network configuration to factory settings
    • Displays the test card
    • Cleans the file system
  • Check your device type, and choose the appropriate USB format or USB recovery patch for your platform among the choices below. Only the USB format patches for DMB300 and DMC200 are available


2019-05-20 DMB300 3.12.57 download

2018-04-26 DMC200 3.12.55 download



  • Gekkota_os USB Format & USB Recovery 004A/EN Download