Gekkota OS for DME204


Never make electric unplug on your player while software upgrade is in progress (green led blinking 6 times every 4 seconds) else the player may not be able to work properly

2019-08-28 V4.12.10 download

  • Before upgrading to Gekkota G4 middleware:
    • check that your current DME204 middleware version is 2.50.91 minimum
  • Once the migration V2.50.91 to 4.12.10 is done:
    • You'll not be allowed to downgrade to a V2.50.91 middleware afterwards
    • In case using publication software,
      • your previous projects may be not compatible. For further information, contact
      • some license may be required. For further information, contact
  • In case the device does not manage to install the Gekkota G4 middleware, contact to double check that your DME204 device is fully compatible for the migration
  • Add support for a scheme list in WebUI Configuration > Output in Ethernet output mode
    • udp://
    • rtp://
    • rtmp://
      • Server address
        • for example:
      • Key
        • for example: 1t7h-py6d-p9qw-881
  • Add support for scrolling text with overlay
    • note 1: to have the best rendering, set the output mode frequency to the maximal one: 60 Hz
    • note 2: to support properly the scrolling text overlay, thanks to keep the same output mode frequency for the receiver devices (ex: 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz) as for the DME204 encoder/streamer (ex: 1280x720 @ 60 Hz)
    • check that the monitor connected to the receiver devices are properly supporting the frequency set
  • Add support for remote file with the scheme smb://
  • Add support for remote bootstrap App
  • Add support for a new information message when using App loading through the local deposit of the WebUI
    • Waiting - Extracting files, temporary displayed, the time for the device to install the new App
      • the content of the App is then played immediately
    • Error - Unable to load the App. Please check the consistency of the package temporary displayed when the App is not consistent. Then the information message Information - No content is displayed
  • Add support for the menu Configuration > Tasks
    • Power Manager
      • From date yyyy1-mm1-dd1 to date yyyy2-mm2-dd2
      • Recurrences
        • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
        • from hh1.mm1 to hh2.mm2 (or all day long)
      • Exception
        • From date yyyy3-mm3-dd3 to date yyyy4-mm4-dd4
      • Energy consumption profile
        • Very highly optimized
        • Highly optimized
        • Moderately optimized
        • Nominal Mode
      • Associated user preference for energy manager task: innes.power-manager.calendar : JSON value, not inserted in the HTML App
        • value example
    • Note: the standby task programmed with your CMS is done in priority compared to the standby task programmed in the WebUI
  • Change: the brandname moves from Innes to Qeedji
  • Change: the WebUI logo Qeedji is supporting a button to return to the Web page http://<device_ip_addr>/.playout/
  • Change the WebUI look for the WebDAV directories http://<device_ip_addr>/<directory>/
    • with <directory> = .admin, .extension, .log, .playlog, .playout, .resources, .software, .status, .upnp
  • Change the Web browser tab title when connecting to the device WebUI:
    • Title: <MODEL> (<Hostname>)
    • Pictogram: black gecko
  • Change: the MS-PowerPoint default background is not transparent by default anymore
  • Change: some fonts was not rendered properly leading to unexpected line break (MS-PowerPoint, PDF, ...)
  • Fix: in some streaming conditions, the playout background could be black color instead being the right one
  • Fix: after having installed a certificate with a configuration script, sometimes it was not possible anymore to connect to the device in https or to add a new certificate.
    • if the previous case occurs in this version, the certificate list is cleared once then the issue should not occur anymore. Think to add back the missing certificate after the device reboot.
    • if the previous case occurs in this version while the test card is displayed, a message Cryptographic database corrupted, please reboot for repairing is displayed. The device needs to be restarted (WebUI, or electrical unplug)
  • Fix: sometimes the background of MS-PowerPoint medias could have a wrong colour (white instead black)
  • Fix: in some rare case the background colour of Playzilla could be the wrong one
  • Fix: an image of a MS-PowerPoint could be not displayed when its resolution was linked to the layout resolution
  • Fix: the equations could be cropped by the bottom
  • Fix: a message content temporarily unavailable was displayed when viewing a MS-PowerPoint containing an Up arrow.
  • Fix: the video could become jerky when receiving data on the WebDAV server
  • Fix: in some case, a playout content could be not played when 2 scenes was starting at the same time (rare)











2019-04-10 V4.11.10 download

  • Add support for a .playlog/ directory in WebUI
  • Add support for Playlog capability
    • The playlog feature needs a playout script playlog-V1.10.10.js
    • This script need to be added to each new playout requiring the playlog feature
    • The playout script playlog-V1.10.10.js is working only with Playzilla 4.11.11 (or above)
    • For further information, visit the Playlog playout script Web page
  • Add support for a new log file .log/streamer.log in Web interface
  • Change: the max. number of Web socket opened at the same time is limited to 550
  • Fix: the check box default color if a HTML page could have a wrong color
  • Fix: in the Web UI menu Maintenance > Logs, once all the items (default name app and widget) had been removed, it was not possible to add a new item
  • Fix: in some case, it was not possible to save the hostname value in the WebUI
  • Fix: when editing a integer user preference in the WebUI, the value 9999 was presented then could be saved after a device reboot

2018-10-03 V4.10.15 download

  • Add support for DASH MSE (Media Source Extensions)
    • The DASH MSE is activated by default (meaning the preference media.mediasource.enable is set to true)
    • This feature allows to play some Web TV channels compliant with the DASH MSE in some conditions:
      • The DASH MSE video content has to be displayed in full screen inside the HTML page:
        • This is the typical YouTube MSE content URL in full screen:
        • The Web TV channels available in full screen are available for download in the content models and uri models packs delivered the 3rd of October 2018
    • To know whether other Web TV channels may be well supported in full screen on the device, check first that the URL is properly displayed inside your Web browser
  • Add support for check disk in WebUI
  • Add support for LDAP IDL
  • Add support for Web SQL
  • Add support for WebUI > Maintenance: Repair/Format
  • Add support for RTSP
  • Fix: device content update from a WebUI Configuration > App > local deposit with a .tar, .tgz, .tar.gz archive not working when the path file length of the medias was above 100 characters
  • Fix: it was not possible to enter a NTP server URL whose size is greater than 15 characters
  • Fix: the email address consistency was not tested before sending an email
  • Fix: the device could crash when playing DASH Live stream
  • Fix: attachments could be not properly attached in the email when containing some non-ASCII characters
  • Fix: a message content temporarily unavailable could be displayed at the loop back of a RTSP stream
  • Fix: the device could reboot when playing RTSP stream with the TERADEK Cube 105 encoder/streamer
  • Fix: sometimes, a message content temporarily unavailable was displayed when playing a RTSP Live stream in outband mode with VLC
  • Fix: in some case, the video could be frozen with audio running when playing RTSP live stream from the VLC software
  • Fix: the player could reboot when playing a wrong RTP/SDP Audio Video Profile
  • Fix: pressing on the button Start the App in WebUI > Configuration > App could lead to an error when the TestCard is activated
  • Fix: UDP stream could not be played in case using the DME204 streamer whose the WebUI parameter Output > Ethernet > Audio was unselected
  • Fix: the device could crash sometimes when starting to play an RTSP stream from the TERADEK Cube 105 encoder/streamer
  • Fix: a message content temporarily unavailable could be displayed when playing some Mpeg2-PS video (mpg container)
  • Fix: the URL pasting was not working in the WebUI was not working [DME204]
  • Fix: in some rare case, the DME204 boot could not end implying to unplug/plug the power supply to work around (very rare)

2018-08-28 V4.10.14 download

  • Add support for HTML5 WebUI
  • Add support for MS-PowerPoint media
    • 2007/2010/2013/2016
    • *.pptx, *.ppsx
      • note: in case you have some medias MS-PowerPoint *.ppt (or *.pps), save them into respectively PowerPoint presentation *.pptx, (or PowerPoint presentation *.ppsx)
    • In case using publication software, ensure that the appropriate font is embeded in your content
  • Change: embeds Mozilla Gecko 47
  • Add support for subtitles SRT, VTT
  • Add support for RTP/SDP
  • Add support for DASH MPEG (live & VOD) adaptive streaming (.mdp)
    • Note: dynamic quality value switching is not yet supported. The constant quality value can be set in Mbps with the user preference (set to 5 for example 5 Mbps max.)
    • The server DASH Live and the DME204 device need to be on time and synchronized with a NTP server
    • For video with high rate, in case the video is stopping after a while, it could be needed to increase the media.cache_size from 16364 KB (default size) to 65536 KB
  • Add support for device content update from a WebUI Configuration > App > local deposit with a single archive file:
    • <content_name>.tar: archive .tar of all the files needed to play a content, meaning at least:
      • player.html
      • manifest.xml
    • <content_name>.zip: archive .zip of all the files needed to play a content (like explained just above)
      • Note: when medias whose pathfile name is containing non-ascii characters, it is required to set the 7Zip option parameters value =cu to support UTF-8 for file names
    • <content_name>.tar.gz: compressed archive .tar.gz of a <content_name>.tar archive (typical format of the archive made when using the WebUI directory download feature)
    • `
    • : compressed archive *.tgz* of a.tar` archive
  • Change green LED behaviour depending on these different states
    • 1 flash every 4 seconds: Nominal behaviour
    • 2 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: Fail soft mode level1
    • 3 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: Fail soft mode level2
    • 4 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: System data partition check disk
    • 5 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: Error noticed on system data partition: partition format is required
    • 6 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: Firmware upgrading (or patch installation)
    • 7 flashs + 4 seconds OFF: Not possible to write on SSD anymore. If persistent, contact