Fail soft mode


  • The Fail soft mode feature permits to stop playing device content when some instability is detected (several unexpected player reboots happen in few minutes).
  • When the player is in Fail Soft mode,

    • A specific Fail soft mode pop-up is displayed on the screen
    • The green led (at the back of the player) is blinking by following a specific sequence
  • To return to Normal mode, new publishing is required (attention: most of time, unexpected reboots are certainly due to a specific media inserted in the playout and not supported by the player (it can be an audio-video media, or any other media), so it is advised to look for the wrong media and remove it before publishing again)

  • The Fail soft mode is a security feature implemented in Gekkota_os (except LCAN & EEEBOX) since Gekkota 3.12.15. For security reasons, the fail soft mode feature is automatic and can not be removed from the player

2017-07-18 (last update)



  • Fail soft mode user guide - 003D/EN Download