Driver USB for Multi-touch screen

SUMMARY 2018-06-07 (last update)


  • The driver USB supports the multi-touch screen devices HID Multi-touch digitizer compliant
  • The driver USB can support the installation of:
    • either the multi-touch digitizer devices having the build-in Vendor ID/Vendor label/Device ID/Device version parameters values described in the table below
    • or more recent multi-touch digitizer devices implementing the additional usage Contact identifier = 0x51 specified in the note of 27 Feb 2009 Addition of usages related to multi-touch digitizers


Constructor Model Peripherals type Device connector
ACER T272HL Multi-touch screen HDMI + USB



  • Gekkota 4.10.12 (or above)
    • Tested with display output in Full HD definition


  • Addition of usages related to multi-touch digitizers

    • 0x51 Contact identifier DV 16.6
    • 0x0E Device configuration CA 16.7
    • 0x52 Device mode DV 16.7
    • 0x53 Device identifier DV 16.7
    • 0x54 Contact count DV 16.6
    • 0x55 Contact count maximum SV 16.6
    • 0x23 Device settings CL 16.7
  • For further information go to the Web page then `Review Request 34: Multi-touch digitizers``


  • These are the vendor label and device version supported by the USB driver:
    Vendor ID Vendor label Device ID Device version
    0x0596 3M 0x0500 3M 1968
    0x0596 3M 0x0502 3M 2256
    0x0596 3M 0x0506 3M 3266
    0x2101 ActionStar 0x1011 ActionStar 1011
    0x03eb Atmel 0x211c Atmel Multi-touch
    0x03eb Atmel 0x2118 Atmel Mxt Digitizer
    0x2453 Baanto 0x0100 Baanto Multi-touch 190W2
    0x2087 Cando 0x0a01 Cando Multi-touch
    0x2087 Cando 0x0a02 Cando Multi-touch 10_1
    0x2087 Cando 0x0b03 Cando Multi-touch 11_6
    0x2087 Cando 0x0f01 Cando Multi-touch 15_6
    0x2247 Chunghwa Telecom 0x0001 Chunghwa Telecom Multi-touch
    0x1ff7 CVTouch 0x0013 CVTouch Screen
    0x04b4 Cypress 0xc001 Cypress Truetouch
    0x7374 easyMaxTouch 0x1201 Module easyMaxTouch
    0x0eef eGalax 0x480d eGalax Multi-touch 480D
    0x0eef eGalax 0x480e eGalax Multi-touch 480E
    0x0eef eGalax 0x7207 eGalax Multi-touch 7207
    0x0eef eGalax 0x720c eGalax Multi-touch 720C
    0x0eef eGalax 0x7224 eGalax Multi-touch 7224
    0x0eef eGalax 0x722A eGalax Multi-touch 722A
    0x0eef eGalax 0x725e eGalax Multi-touch 725E
    0x0eef eGalax 0x7262 eGalax Multi-touch 7262
    0x0eef eGalax 0x726b eGalax Multi-touch 726B
    0x0eef eGalax 0x72a1 eGalax Multi-touch 72A1
    0x0eef eGalax 0x72aa eGalax Multi-touch 72AA
    0x0eef eGalax 0x72c4 eGalax Multi-touch 72C4
    0x0eef eGalax 0x72d0 eGalax Multi-touch 72D0
    0x0eef eGalax 0x72fa eGalax Multi-touch 72FA
    0x0eef eGalax 0x7302 eGalax Multi-touch 7302
    0x0eef eGalax 0x7349 eGalax Multi-touch 7349
    0x0eef eGalax 0x73f7 eGalax Multi-touch 73F7
    0x0eef eGalax 0xa001 eGalax Multi-touch A001
    0x04E7 Elo TouchSystems 0x0022 Elo TS2515
    0x25b5 Flatfrog 0x0002 Multi-touch 3200
    0x10c4 FocalTech 0x81b9 FocalTech FTXXXX Multi-touch
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x0003 General Touch Win7 Two Fingers
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x0100 General Touch Win8 PWT Ten Fingers
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x0101 General Touch Win8 PIT 0101
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x0102 General Touch Win8 PIT 0102
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x0106 General Touch Win8 PIT 0106
    0x0dfc General Touch 0x010a General Touch Win8 PIT 010A
    0x25B6 Fructel 0x0002 Gametel Multi-touch Mode
    0x1aad GoodTouch 0x000f GoodTouch 000f
    0x22ed Hanvon Alt 0x1010 Hanvon Alt Multi-touch
    0x1cb6 Ideacom 0x6650 Ideacom IDC6650
    0x1cb6 Ideacom 0x6651 Ideacom IDC6651
    0x222a Ilitek 0x0001 Ilitek dual touch panel
    0x6615 IRTouch 0x0070 IRTouch Infrared USB
    0x1fd2 LG 0x0064 LG Multi-touch
    0x202e Lumio 0x0006 Crystaltouch
    0x202e Lumio 0x0007 Crystaltouch Dual
    0x0486 Asus 0x0185 Asus T91MT
    0x0486 Asus 0x0186 Asus Multi-touch YFO
    0x062a TurBox 0x7100 TurBox TouchScreen Mosart
    0x1870 Nexio 0x010d Nexio Multi-touch 420
    0x04da Panasonic 0x1044 Panasonic board UBT780
    0x04da Panasonic 0x104d Panasonic board UBT880
    0x0603 Novatek 0x0600 Novatek PCT
    0x14e1 PenMount 0x3500 PenMount PCI
    0x093a PixArt 0x8001 PixArt optical touch screen
    0x093a PixArt 0x8002 PixArt optical touch screen 1
    0x093a PixArt 0x8003 PixArt optical touch screen 2
    0x20b3 Hanvon 0x0a18 Hanvon Multi-touch
    0x2087 Cando 0x0703 Cando PixCir Multi-touch
    0x0408 Quanta 0x3000 Quanta Optical Touch
    0x0408 Quanta 0x3001 Quanta Optical Touch 3001
    0x0408 Quanta 0x3008 Quanta Optical Touch 3008
    0x0457 SiS Touch 0x9200 SIS9200 Touch
    0x0457 SiS Touch 0x0817 SIS817 Touch
    0x0457 SiS Touch 0x1030 SIS1030 Touch
    0x1f87 Stantum 0x0002 MTP
    0x0483 Stantum STM 0x3261 MTP STM
    0x1403 Stantum SITRONIX 0x5001 MTP SITRONIX
    0x1784 TopSeed 2 0x0016 TopSeed 2 Peripad 701
    0x1e5e Touch Intl 0x0313 Touch International Multi-touch
    0x227d Unitec 0x0709 Unitec USB Touch 0709
    0x227d Unitec 0x0a19 Unitec USB Touch 0A19
    0x0fb8 Wistron 0x1109 Wistron Optical Touch
    0x2505 XAT 0x0220 XAT CSR
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1006 Xiroku SPX
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1007 Xiroku MPX
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x100e Xiroku CSR
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1021 Xiroku SPX1
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1022 Xiroku CSR1
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1023 Xiroku MPX1
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1024 Xiroku SPX2
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1025 Xiroku CSR2
    0x1477 Xiroku 0x1026 Xiroku MPX2
    0x14c8 Zytronic 0x0005 Zytronic ZXY100