Monitoring the player with Nagios


  • The goal of this document is to show that it is possible to configure the player so that they can send regularly a status.xml file to a WebDAV server. These status files can be then globally monitored by a dedicated application like Nagios.
  • The goal of this document is not to explain how to configure and install Nagios.


  • Nagios is an application permitting some system and network monitoring. Nagios monitors host and specified service, raising some indicators (for example, red status when the systems do not work properly anymore and green status when they are OK again. This free software under GPL licence can be installed on Ubuntu (or VMWare Ubuntu). Its installation and configuration is reserved for advanced user. Go to Nagios official Web site for more information.
  • For further information, visit Nagios Web site

2016-08-19 (last update)



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