Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE


The goal of application note is to explain how to install and use the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE PowerPoint add-in.

2019-10-17 V1.10.10 download (nt_ia64) download (nt_ia32)

  • MS-Windows 10, MS-Windows 8.x
  • MS-Office 2010, MS-Office 2013, MS-Office 2016, Office 365
    • Recommended slide aspect ratio: 4:3
    • .pptx
  • Device
    • SMH300 Gekkota 4.11.11 (or above)
      • with SLATE106 Pictureframe 1.11.10 (or above)



Check that the SMH3000 devices configuration Web interface is available with URL http://<device_ip_adrr>/ (default factory scheme value) For each of them:

  • In the Configuration > App menu,
    • check that the radio button Push WebDAV is properly selected (default factory value).
    • remove any content running on the SMH300 by pressing on the button Purge the App (there is no default content set at factory)
    • For further information, refer to the SMH300 user manual.
  • In the Configuration > Output menu,
    • Build a table like explained below showing the index of each of your SLATE on the SMH300 devices.
    • To pair a SLATE device to your SMH300 hub, refer to the SMH300 and SLATE106 user manuals.
SMH300 Hostname SLATE PSN SLATE index PowerPoint section name PowerPoint slide number Name Profession
SMH300_1 00902-00951 1 1st floor 1 Pr. Arnaud DELATRE Radiologist physician
SMH300_1 00902-00958 2 1st floor 2 Pr. John SMITH Radiologist physician
SMH300_1 00902-00952 3 1st floor 3 Dr. Patrick DUCHON General practitioner
SMH300_1 00902-00954 4 1st floor 4 Waiting room 1st floor
SMH300_1 spare 5 1st floor 5
SMH300_1 00902-00957 6 1st floor 6 Sonia DELACOURT Anesthetist nurse
SMH300_2 00902-00956 1 2nd floor 7 Dr. Stephan DUPONT Dentistry surgeries
SMH300_2 00902-00955 2 2nd floor 8 Dr. Xavier NELSON Dentistry surgeries
SMH300_2 00902-00953 3 2nd floor 9 Pr. Henry FRANCOIS Cardiologist


  • The SLATE PSN are printed on stickers at the back of the SLATE
  • spare: is indicating that a provisioning has been done for a future device.

The SMH300 is broadcasting a configuration script indicating the content update period for the SLATE. For further information, read the SMH300 user manual. The default values are:

- Active interval: from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM,
- Period: every quarter of an hour,
- Active days: MO, TU, WE, TH, FR. 

If the SLATE was paired to a wrong SMH300, remove the configuration file from the SLATE and pair the SLATE to the right SMH300 hub.


To familiarize with best practices, use the PowerPoint example to get started.


A PowerPoint example using a layout template is available for download here: Download PPTX example.

Along your PowerPoint design, think to modify first the provided layout. To modify it, go to the PowerPoint menu View > Slide Master. Use the parent Slide Master to bring form modification, or the child Slide Master to change text or add new placeholder:

Language View/SlideMaster Child/parent/placeholder
FR View View
EN View View
DE View View
ES View View

The provided layout is containing also a grey rectangle allowing to visualize the area to have if wished a private message displayed for a while. The Message Overlay requires to use the Slate Message Overlay mobile application.


Only the .pptx MS-PowerPoint format is supported.


Given that the SLATEs device have a 4:3 format display, it is recommended to configure your MS-PowerPoint presentation with slide in this 4:3 aspect ratio as well. In the MS-PowerPoint menu: Design check that Slide Size is Standard 4:3 and not Widescreen (16:9).


Create as much slide as there are SLATE106 devices. You can handle several SMH300 with the same MS-PowerPoint.


Keep in mind that the final rendering will be on the SLATE106 display. So you may respect this basic principles:

  • Final resolution: 800px by 600px
  • 4 color levels with the recommended color values:
    Color R-G-B (Decimal)
    Black 0-0-0
    Dark grey 95-95-95
    Light grey 159-159-159
    White 255-255-255

With section:  The PowerPoint example above contains named sections:

  • 1st floor and
  • 2nd floor

A section is used especially to shorten the publication time for a given SMH300, avoiding publishing inconsistent slides which are not needed. A section is meant to contain all the slides used for a specific device. Hence, in the example you have two sections, one made of 6 slides for the SMH300_1 and another one for the SMH300_2.

Remove section: With a right click on the slide thumbnail list, it is possible to remove one or all the sections.

No section: When there is no section, at the publication, the criteria for the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE add-in to switch to a new SMH300 is the max. number of slides per SMH300 which is 20. When a publication is launched, the first 20 slides are affected to the first SMH300 (ex: SMH300_1), then the 20 next slides to the 2th SMH300 (ex: SMH300_2), and so on.

Add section: To add a section behind a slide, select a slide on the slide thumbnail list, right click, and choose Add section. For more clarity, you can for example rename the section with the SMH300 hostname, or the building name where the SMH300 is located.

For more information about Powerpoint section, go the the microsoft PowerPoint support about section


To install the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATEs PowerPoint add-in:

  • Download the appropriate installer (.msi file)
    • Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE (nt_ia64) for your MS-Office (nt_ia64)
    • Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE (nt_ia32) for your MS-Office (nt_ia32)
  • Execute the installer and choose the installation Everyone or Just for me according to your needs. Choose Just me for example.
    • Note: Choosing Everyone may require to run the MS-PowerPoint with the Administrator rights to be able to inactivate the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE PowerPoint add in.
  • Press Next at each step, and take a look at the default settings.
  • Once the installation is completed, open MS-PowerPoint; a new Qeedji menu does appear in MS-PowerPoint. If the menu does not appear while the compatibility criteria are fully filled, contact support@qeedji.tech.
  • For older computer, it could be requested to install first .NET framework version 4.X.Y before installing the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE PowerPoint add in.


To configure the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE PowerPoint add-in:

  • Click on the Qeedji menu to make appear the ribbon:
    • Settings
    • Publish
    • About
  • Click on the ribbon menu Settings:
    • On the Devices tab:
      • Press on the Auto detection button to detect the SMH300 hubs available on your local network.
      • Select the wished SMH300 hubs to add to your list.
      • Select then the wished SMH300 hubs on which you want to publish by selecting them (double clicking on each). Take care to the SMH300 order in the list which is taken into account at the publication:
        • Publication strategy
          • When there is section, each section is dedicated to a specific SMH300
            • It is not recommended to have section whose size is over 20 slides. If it occurs, the section is spread on the current SMH300 and the next one.
          • When there is no section, the slides are affected to the SMH300 hubs with group of 20 slides per SMH300
          • the first section (or the first 20 slides) is always affected to the higher SMH300 name in the list. Then the publication is continuing with the SMH300 hub immediately below, and so on.
            • You can choose to rise a SMH300 name in the list.
              • in the example,
                • the SMH300_1 has to be in the higher position
                • the SMH300_2 has to be immediately below the SMH300_1
    • On the Advanced tab:
      • Define the Background color with the color picker. The background color is only used when the Slide Size is not Standard 4:3.

The same language is used for Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE and MS-Windows.


To publish a content on your SLATE through the SMH300 hub:

  • Open a MS-PowerPoint (.pptx),
  • Press on the Settings menu of the ribbon to double check the list of the SMH300 hub connected to the SLATE whose the content needs to be updated,
  • Click on the Publish button.
    • For information, the slides are immediately transformed into PPK image (propriety format) and copied into the appropriate WebDAV directories of the different SMH300 hubs. With the provided PowerPoint example, the PPK are copied in the directories below:

Wait then until 15 minutes (default content update period), the time for the SLATE to update their content.


The Publishing status report is showing whether the publishing for each SMH300 hub has succeeded or not:

  • Publishing succeeded: the publication has succeeded
  • Publishing failure (Error: 503): the publishing has failed. Please double check the network connection between your PC and the SMH300 hub.

Publishing status report example:

1/2 - Publishing on device: smh300_1 (
- Publishing of the slide: 1 on the SLATE: 1/6
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 2 on the SLATE: 2/6
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 3 on the SLATE: 3/6
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 4 on the SLATE: 4/6
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 5 on the SLATE: 5/6
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 6 on the SLATE: 6/6
    Publishing succeeded

2/2 - Publishing on device: smh300_2 (
- Publishing of the slide: 7 on the SLATE: 1/3
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 8 on the SLATE: 2/3
    Publishing succeeded
- Publishing of the slide: 9 on the SLATE: 3/3
    Publishing succeeded

Publishing completed


After add-in upgrade, it is required to close PowerPoint and open it again to use the new add-in version.


To remove the Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE add-in from your Windows OS, use the Add or remove programs Windows menu, then remove the program Qeedji PowerPoint Publisher for SLATE.


  • The scheme https:// is not supported in this version
  • In some rare cases, this message could be prompted when opening MS-PowerPoint. In this case, do ignore the message by clicking No:
MS-PowerPoint has problems with the Qeedji complement.
If the problem persists, disable this add-on and check for updates. Do you want to disable it now? (yes/no)