Remote bootstrap


The goal of this document is to explain how to launch a remote bootstrap:


instead the default local bootstrap:


2019-08-13 (last update)

  • App app-blue-screen-example.tar.gz with local bootstrap example download
  • App app-logo-remote-bootstrap.tar.gz with remote bootstrap example download
  • Remote App example remoteAppTest.html hosted on a WebDAV server download
  • Gekkota 4.12.10 (or above)
  • Device
    • DMB400
    • SMA300
    • DME204


  • Prerequisite: have a external bootstrap available on a remote WebDAV server
    • In the example, download the bootstrap remoteAppTest.html and your company logo logo.jpg on a remote WebDAV server http://<WebDAV_server_ip_url>/
  • Get an App having a local bootstrap
    • Download the app-blue-screen-example.tar.gz archive, example of App with a local bootstrap which is just displaying a blue screen
  • Modify the App to use a remote bootstrap
    • Uncompress the app-blue-screen-example.tar.gz archive with 7-Zip (or 7-Zip File Manager)
    • Edit the manifest.xml file manifest example
    • And replace
      • <pzpm:bootstrap src="player.html"/> by
      • <pzpm:bootstrap src="http://<WebDAV_server_URL>/remoteAppTest.html" password="<password>" username="<username>"/>
    • Save the manifest.xml and close the file editor. When 7-zip File Manager is asking to remake automatically the archive with the new manifest.xml, click yes. Rename the archive into app-logo-remote-bootstrap.tar.gz
  • Set the App wizard mode to Local deposit and load the new App
    • Connect to the device WebUI http://<device_ip_addr>/.admin/#/configuration/app, enter your personal username and password,
    • Select the Local deposit radio button, click on Drop file here or clic to add one, Select the new App app-logo-remote-bootstrap.tar.gz you've just generated, then click on the button Load the App
  • The App should restart and your company logo should be displayed

In case the network is not available anymore, after a reboot, the system message Error : enable to launch the bootstrap URI (error http 0) should be displayed. To work around, resotre the network connection and either reload the App, or reboot the device.