Scripts to start migration from PlugnCast G2 to PlugnCast G3


The scripts provided here allow to initiate a PlugnCast G2 to PlugnCast G3 migration:

  • The 1st script retrieveG2Config.cmd allows to save the current PlugnCast G2 configuration into into a .xml file meaning
    • the domains names
    • the users names with their user profiles
    • the devices configuration
  • The 2nd one setG3Config.cmd is able to create back, based on the generated .xml file, the same domains, users and device configurations


  • About the medias migration
    • Once the scripts are executed, the user will still have to manually copy all the required ressources (medias, directories) in domain-repository from the PlugnCast G2 server. Afterwards, all the needed playouts, variables, standby tasks, reboot tasks, opt-outs or localized folders, playfolders, playlists, scripts to execute, will have also to be created manually by the user by using the PlugnCast Web interface.
  • About the user profile migration
    • administrator user profile is transformed into a domain administrator user profile
    • others user profiles are transformed into a domain editor user profile
  • About the device models migration
    • The device model migration is always relevant for these devices (devices whose the MAC address is not generated by Innes)
      • DMC200 / Gekkota3
      • MS-Windows PC Gekkota3
    • For all the other devices, the migration strategy DMB300-G3/DMB400-G4 for the device model is
      • DMB400 / Gekkota4
        • When the device MAC Address value is above: 00:1C:E6:02:22:82
        • Most of these MAC adresses are affected to DMB400 device. However, it is advised to double check each device model DMB400
      • DMB300 / Gekkota3
        • When the device MAC Address value is below: 00:1C:E6:02:22:95
      • Note: that is an arbitrary device model migration default strategy because finally, after the migration, some of the devices could have a wrong device model DMB300 whereas they should have perhaps the device model (SMA200, SMP200, SMT210, DME204, DMD215, SMA300, SMH300. It is possible to change the device model migration strategy (called DMB300-G3/DMB400-G4) for these MAC addresses range by changing the value DeviceTypeForInnesMAC in the migration script setG3Config.cmd
        • SET DeviceTypeForInnesMAC=1
          • Default: DMB300-G3/DMB400-G4 described above
        • SET DeviceTypeForInnesMAC=2
          • All the device models will be SMA200 / Gekkota3
        • SET DeviceTypeForInnesMAC=3
          • All the device models will be SMA300 / Gekkota3

2018-06-21 Scripts migration PlugnCast G2 to G3 - V1.10.11 Download

  • Initial version
  • MS-Windows 2008, 2012, 10
    • Powershell scripts execution need to be authorized on the MS-Windows system



Each script is associated to a Powershell file (.ps1). When it is executed, these scripts need to be present in the same directory. For example - <Directory1> - retrieveG2Config.cmd - retrieveG2Config.ps1 - setG3Config.cmd - setG3Config.ps1


  • Edit retrieveG2Config.cmd
    • Set the the variable value PlugnCastG2Path with your PlugnCast G2 installation path
    • Set the variable value OutputFilePath with the .xml file name
      • For example:
        • SET PlugnCastG2Path=C:/Users/Public/Documents/Innes PlugnCast/Server
        • SET OutputFilePath=output.xml
  • Edit setG3Config.cmd
    • Set the variable value PlugnCastRootUrl with your PlugnCast G3 base URL
    • Set the variable value InputFilePath with the .xml file name generated above
    • Set the device model migration strategy
      • For example:
        • SET PlugnCastRootUrl=https://localhost:8443/.plugncast/
        • SET InputFilePath=output.xml
        • SET DeviceTypeForInnesMAC=1


  • Execute retrieveG2Config.cmd then
  • Execute setG3Config.cmd
    • At the script launching, it is required to enter a PlugnCast G3 super administrator login/password
    • The log traces are printed in the console and in a file named: setG3Config.log