Garbage collector on URI ending

Some Web page viewed properly on PC computers owning a large amount of volatile memory may not be played after a while when played several time on a device. To work around, running this playout script is forcing the device the free the memory previously required each time the playing of the Web page has ended.

2019-07-29 callGCatEnd-V1.10.10.js download


  • PlugnCast V3.10.51
    • Playzilla V4.11.11 (or above)
  • Screen Composer V3.20.14
    • Playzilla V4.10.20 (or above)
  • Gekkota OS 4.11.11 (or above)


  • Import the script in your library,
  • Insert the script in the playout manifest then
  • Publish the playout content on your device

  • Connect on the device configuration Web interface and set the user preference

    • browser.cache.memory.enable = false (instead of true by default)
    • javascript.options.mem.max = 72 (instead of -1 by default) (!! example of value. Indeed, the value is depending on the Web site architecture)