The goal of this application note is to explain how to make interactive a media in Screen Composer G3.

The interactivity is a behavior option which can be activated when the media is inserted in the playout.

That applies to :

  • PDF medias
  • PowerPoint medias
  • Playlist medias
  • Playfolder medias

That permits with a user key press for example to:

  • go to the next page for PDF and PowerPoint medias,
  • play the next medias inside a playlist or the next media inside a playfolder.

Ensure that your device is properly supporting the user interactivity.

SUMMARY 2019-10-29 (last update)


Insert the media into your playout. With a right click, choose the Interactivity option. And publish.

Warning: when using Playzilla 4.XX.YY, it is required to run a playout script Scrollbar restore to display the scroll bar along the Web page if wished. For further information refer to the appropriate playout script release note.