AMP300/AMP400: Full HD and Ultra HD media players

  • • HTML5, WGT W3C
  • • Video decoder: H265, H264, VP9, MPEG2
  • • PDF and MS-Powerpoint slideshow
  • • USB-C alt-mode and HDMI video output
  • • PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • • Open Device API with JavaScript and Java Android
  • • Screen control with CEC and Vesa MCCS
  • • Secure with 802.1X Lan/Wlan

Qeedji TAB10: Meeting room entrance tablet

  • • Light outline, NFC and HID 125khz reader
  • • USB-C, PoE adapter, Long-range presence detector
  • • Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace connector
  • • Compatible with many workspace management software

Qeedji SBL10e : Smart Busy Lite

  • • Compliant with MS-Teams and more
  • • Ethernet and PoE
  • • BLE and Thread for sensor
  • • Easy to configure

Our expertise We create « smarts ⓘ » audiovisual and IoT equipments

INNES invents connected devices and manufactures them in France.
These devices are then marketed under its Qeedji brand or via distributor brands.

Our products Qeedji Devices designed and manufactured in France

  • Media Player for display on a large screen or on a kiosk
  • Media computer for encoding, streaming and recording media
  • Tablet for meeting room signage, smart building and point of sale
  • Smart e-Paper display
  • Smart Busy Light
  • PoE to USB-C adapter (PD + Data)

Our hardware can be used alone thanks to their embedded applications, via partner software or simply with Screen Composer, a tool to configure and manage a multitude of use cases

  • Easy to use, Screen Composer can be installed without a server and without a subscription
  • Modular, it can be assembled according to your needs thanks to many applications

Screen Composer

Multi-application software for Qeedji devices

Install, configure and publish our applications to one or more Qeedji devices


Internal Communication

Simply send your multimedia content to a network of screens. No server to install or monthly subscription to take out.


Room and orientation Signage

Our range for room management includes “all in one” touch screen, smart E-Paper labels, Busy lights and media players for large screens


Door digital Signage

Manage your doors labelling with smart labels connected to your Active Directory or MS-Excel


Interactive Wayfinging

Signway can be deployed on kiosks to display interactive 2D/3D maps.

Our Services

  • White label products
  • Privale label products
  • Technical assistance
  • Training
technical assistance

White label products

To expand your existing product offering with rapid marketing, we provide you with a wide choice of reference products and designs that you can personalize to your brand.

As an ODM manufacturer, we provide you with a turnkey service from the customization phases to the delivery of the products in their packaging boxes with their instructions and your brand logo.

Private label products

With more than 19 years of experience as a manufacturer of IoT and ProAV equipments, our hardware and software R&D team can design your projects.

On simple specifications or expression of need, we accompany you from the design to the realization of a final product thanks to our large portfolio of reference designs.


technical assistance

Technical assistance

The integration of smart devices into information systems requires particular attention in order to minimize IT security vulnerabilities while fully integrating with increasingly complex software ecosystems.
Over the last few years, we have acquired extensive experience in configuring our smart devices in Microsoft Azure/M365, Google Workspace or those of our partners.
Thus, we can assist you in the implementation of our devices by means of a comprehensive assistance offer.


Training technical services and operators in the configuration and use of our solutions allows them to be quickly operational.
Our training offer adapts to our clients' IT and software environments.


Our ISVs partners

  • CMS (Content Management System) for Digital Signage
  • WMS (Workspace Management System)
  • Training activity planning software
  • QMS (Queue Management System)

A wide choice of ISVs partners

We work together to qualify our hardware with their software


Digital Signage and Workspace Management


Digital Signage


Digital Signage and Workspace Management


Workspace Management

Hamilton Apps

Workspace Management


Workspace Management


Digital Signage

Navori Labs

Digital Signage


Workspace Management

In short ...

Clients: +2000
Devices: +40000
Experience: +19 years

❝ INNES has been designing audiovisual and IoT products since 2005 with passion.

Choosing INNES, whether with its own products under the Qeedji brand, white label or private label, means ensuring the success of your project thanks to a proven technology and an expert support team. ❞


With INNES, using our products is made easy. The conception of the user interfaces is intuitive for utmost efficiency.

Customer Support

Our support team is available 5/7 by phone or email. Should you have any specific developpment requests, INNES handles them for you.


Our products and services are based on a strong R&D culture. We devote more than 30% of our activity to innovation.


Proximity: INNES is close to the end users through a wide network of resellers and integrators.

Sustainable Development

Our equipment is designed to seek reductions in the total environmental footprint of our business and brand. Our production is located in France in our factories.


Thanks to the total commitment of the R&D department, we succeed in coming up with robust quality products.

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