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Our first participation in the Workspace Expo show

 Sara  17.04.2019  Exposition  Digital Workspace  EN

We are very excited to have participated last 16th, 17th, and 18th April to the Workspace Expo show, an event focused on design, furniture and workspaces arrangement.

We are happy that our solutions were a success and we were able to meet the visitors' expectations and exchange with them on our booth.

We showcased our latest innovations:

SignWay - Buildings signage

Software to install on terminals for navigating on 2D/3D buildings plans.


• 2D or 3D plan with animated arrows

• Indications of the most suitable paths according to multiple criteria (people with reduced mobility, routes clearance, etc.)

• Search for places or people in the building

• Dynamic display on the home page (web page, video, etc.)

• Multi-languages

• Customizable thanks to a configuration tool


SLATE106 - Digital signage

6'' electronic ink screen dedicated to digital signage.

• Android and iOS applications for inserting messages by a user on an office door

• NFC badge reader and sending data to a phone (URI browser)


• Built-in image editor accessible by simply connecting a computer to a SLATE106 with a USB cable

• Compatible with the WPAN SMH300 Hub. The SMH300 device connects SLATE106 displays to a corporate network and can receive a JavaScript application for example to get connected to MS-Exchange for room booking, or to a corporate directory such as LDAP / AD for names and functions of employees display on an office door

• 3 touch buttons (HID BLE)

• Autonomy of more than 3 years with 5 refreshments per day

• Very thin, 8mm thickness

PushButton EnOcean with SMH300 Hub


SMH300 relays the EnOcean PushButton's key presses over an IP network.

During our exhibition, we demonstrated the check-in/check-out use for meeting rooms with MS-Exchange.

A simple button press spread MS-Exchange WebService commands, thus, dealing with the meeting's booking scheduling.

EnOcean pushbuttons do not require any battery nor any wire and are, therefore, a solution to the problem of control elements wiring, which is expensive and difficult to maintain.

CMS PlugnCast

Over the years, INNES’ CMS has become the most comprehensive tool on the market for managing a corporate screens network.

Its Web user interface integrates a digital signage viewer, and it is even possible to open a PowerPoint file without plugin installation and without conversion. Even the transparency is handled. This is unprecedented!


PlugnCast can publish its playout on many targets (Gekkota Innes embedded in the Innes Media players, WebOS embedded in the LG smart screens, Tizen embedded in the Samsung smart screens, MS-Windows).

Thanks to its open API, it easily gets integrated into tools such as Powershell script, Curl, etc.

DMB400 - Media Player 4K


The DMB400 media player is one of the most powerful media players on the market.

Beyond the quality of its graphics engine, it stands out thanks to the ability that it has to native support PDF and PowerPoint files.

Its HDMI input and the ability to play many streaming formats (RTSP, RTP / UDP, HTTP DASH MPEG) make it a very complete product.

The support of VESA MCCS and CEC allow easy monitoring and control of display screens.

Also note that the product is guaranteed 3 years.

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