Management Server audiovisual content

The CMS PlugnCast is available in two editions : a software to install on-site ( on- premises ) or software available as a hosted service datacenter (SaaS).


Digital Signage Player supports Web App

Playzilla is dedicated to displaying multimedia middleware. It combines the power of video and audio player that of a Web browser.


Box with elinux Playzilla and pre-installed

The players Innes materials are available in two product lines, the SM series aimed primarily at points of sale and DM series rather dedicated for use in internal communication.

Meeting Room

Signage of Meeting Room with orientation

Our range of signage room products includes a screen 'all in one' 10.1-inch, media players for display on larger screens and WebApps.

Clients : +500
Players : +6000
Experience : +8 years

Innes develops hardware and software for digital signage since 2005.

Choose Innes, is to ensure the success of his project audiovisual communication through a mature technology and customer service very helpful.


We take great care with the ease of use of our software and hardware. The ergonomics of our user interfaces are clean and thoughts for more efficiency.


We are now closer to the users of our solutions through a wide dealer network in France.

Customer Support

Our support is available 5/7 by phone or email. We also respond to requests from specific developments or Apps.

Sustainable Development

We design our equipment in order to minimize their environmental footprint and we subcontract their production closer to our customers.

HTML5 & CSS3 & SMIL & JavaScript

Our products are compatible with the latest W3C Web recomendations.


With constant efforts in R&D and a commitment to responsiveness in correcting anomalies , our products are recognized as stable and robust.