Link some device variables to a MS-PowerPoint media


The aim of this documentation is to explain how to make a MS-PowerPoint media having links to some device variables. Once published on the device, the MS-PowerPoint media is displaying the device variable value of the device on which it is played. The type of device variable values are:

Device variable types Description Default value Can be changed
MAC device MAC address value stored at factory no
UUID device UUID value stored at factory no
HOSTNAME device hostname value stored at factory yes
field<i> (<i> from 1 to 5) variable present by defaut empty yes
Custom variable variable not present by default* * *

*The custom variable name and value need to be created by the user, as well as the variable value affectation to the device. For further information, read the PlugnCast user manual.

Each time a device variable value is used in the MS-PowerPoint media, a link has to be done between the object text input and the device variable name.

The supported device variable formats are respectively:

Variable type MS-PowerPoint link name pattern
MAC $deviceInfo:mac
UUID $deviceInfo:uuid
HOSTNAME $deviceInfo:hostname
field1 to field5 $deviceInfo:field1, $deviceInfo:field2, $deviceInfo:field3, $deviceInfo:field4, $deviceInfo:field5
custom variable $custom:<variable_name> (for example: $custom:City)

If a same variable value need to be used twice, 2 links need to be created with 2 different names. The best practise is to name the links in this case as shown below:

Variable type MS-PowerPoint link name pattern
MAC {$deviceInfo:mac}_1, {$deviceInfo:mac}_2
UUID {$deviceInfo:uuid}_1, {$deviceInfo:uuid}_2
HOSTNAME {$deviceInfo:hostname}_1, {$deviceInfo:hostname}_2
field1 to field5 {$deviceInfo:field2}_1, {$deviceInfo:field2}_2
custom variable {$custom:<variable_name>}_1 (for example {$custom:City}_1)

For further information, download the MS-PowerPoint example below and publish it like this on your device (without editing it). Due to MS-PowerPoint issue, opening the MS-PowerPoint media is breaking all the existing links. To workaround, make the links again and save the MS-PowerPoint.


  • Gekkota 4.12.10
  • Screen Composer 3.20.15
    • Playzilla 4.12.10
  • PlugnCast 3.10.51
    • Playzilla 4.11.13



Description Version
MS-PowerPoint example (EN) 001E Download


  • In MS-PowerPoint
    • Select a text input
    • Go in the MS-PowerPoint menu File > Information > Properties > Advanced properties
      • Paste the appropriate name link
        • for example {$deviceInfo:mac}_1 to display the MAC address
      • Check the option Link to content
      • Press on Add button
  • Warning before viewing your final configuration
    • before returning to the menu File > Information > Properties > Advanced properties to view your final configuration, think to unset the focus from any input texts using a variable, else some the link of this text input will be automatically broken
  • Save your MS-PowerPoint and publish it on your different devices.