Power BI


Power BI is provided as a cloud solution, Power BI Service, or as an on-premises solution, Power BI Report Server. This document explains how to configure Gekkota OS to play a Power BI Web page hosted on these two different solutions.

  • Power BI Service (powerbi.com), cloud solution
    • Gekkota OS 4.12.10:
      • for device DMB400,
      • for device SMA300.
  • The Power BI Web pages viewed properly on PC computers owning a large amount of volatile memory may not be played after a while when played several time on a device. In some case, it should be required to change the javascript.options.mem.max user preference value. For further information, contact support@qeedji.tech.
  • These are the different softwares which have been installed to validate the Power BI Report Server solution:
    • Power BI Report Server: 15.0.1103.232,
    • SQL server 2019: 2019.150.2070.41,
    • Power BI Desktop Optimized: 2.81.5831.1181 64-bit.
    • Qeedji does not bring support to install and configure Power BI Report Server.
  • Change the Power BI server data update period for each report
    • Go in the Browse menu http://<user>:<password>@<server_ip_addr>:<port>/Reports/browse/,
    • Select a report, fly over the report and click on the edit button (...),
    • Click on the Manage menu,
    • Select the Scheduled refresh menu then on the right panel, click on the Edit hyperlink to change the Power BI server data update period
  • Even if the server data are updated periodically, once published infinitely on the device, the content of the report Web page is not updated. To work around, you can use a custom .html file to refresh the Power BI Report Server Web page
    • Warning: To work properly, the .html page must contain an URL of a Power BI Report Web page having the Power BI Report Server header containing also the Refresh button
      • http://<user>:<password>@<server_ip_addr>:<port>/Reports/powerbi/test,
    • Download the power-bi-report-server-15.0-with-refresh.html html example download
    • Edit the HTML file,
      • replace by your own Power BI Report Server URL: const powerBiUrl="http://<user>:<pass>@ip:port/Reports/powerbi/test"
      • set the refresh period of the Power BI report Web page content according to you needs: const refreshInterval = 300; // seconds
      • ensure that the HTML has not a intrinsic duration
    • Insert the .html in a calendar timeslot and play it infinitely or with a large fixed duration.