About Us

Founded in early 2005, the company is based in Rennes (Brittany-Fr) in the famous cluster "Images and Networks" and Cyber Security. INNES was awarded in 2006 by the French Ministry of Research for its inovative technology.
Equity of the company have been strengthened in 2012 with two investors; 3T (Institut Mines Telecom) and SODERO Gestion (Caisse d'Epargne).
In 2023, the INOVELEC group acquired all the assets of INNES.

Our business

We design "smart devices" as off-the-shelf products or reference designs for white labeling.
The products on the shelves, worn by the Qeedji brand, or those from our reference designs are made in France.
We spend over 30% of our business result in R&D, which leads us to always design and promote new innovative functionalities in our range of products & services.

Our customers

We market our Qeedji products and associated services via system integrators, ESNs, contractors or service operators.
Our reference design offer (ODM) is marketed to distributor brands.
The users of our solutions are corporate communication services, administrations, hotels/restaurants, hospitals, retail players, franchisors and transport operators.

The board

Franck Dupin

Director General

Franck Dupin studied electronics and geophysics at the Institute of Earth Physics in Strasbourg (FR). He spent eight years at Itis and Harris Broadcast, helping to design audiovisual products for digital radio and television. He then joined Lacroix Sofrel group specialized in signage and remote management. He founded INNES in 2005 with Olivier David. After 17 years at the head of the company, he became Director General of INOVELEC-INNES.

Olivier David

Technical Director

Olivier David, ENSERB Engineer spent ten years in the R&D and conception of innovative electronic board design. His strong technological expertise acquired at Harris Broadcast Communication and INNES leads him today to lead the R&D of INOVELEC-INNES.