Training and technical assistance

In order to support users with a dynamic signage solution, we have built a complete offer of training and technical assistance.
This offer is made up of 3 modules: Training in the use of Screen Composer, Training for IT teams for the administration of digital signage CMS or IWM and Technical assistance for installation.
We carry out our services in person or in a dematerialized way.

Training in the use of communication software

  • By understanding your needs and your organization, we define together an operational communication architecture (multi-site distribution, user rights, etc.)
  • Depending on user roles, we show how to use properly the tools of the deployed software
  • We provide a lot of advice on the use of the content to be distributed as well as on the connectivity with the other software of your organization

Getting started with SignCom software

  • Adding and creating content
  • Release Schedule
  • Display on/off calendar rules

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Technical training for the administration of PlugnCast or QL by the DSI

  • Setup software on a server
  • Software configuration to assign user rights, security rules and backups
  • Supervision of the equipment fleet and incident management
  • Use of APIs (Powershell, etc.)

Technical assistance for the installation and configuration of dynamic display solutions with Qeedji equipment

  • SignMeeting in conjunction with a resource management tool (MS-Exchange, M365, Google Workspace, GRR, etc.)
  • SignCom, PlugnCast et QL