SignDoor is an HTML5 App that allows companies to identify each desktop or work space of collaborators centrally.
SignDoor is compatible with the most common LDAP directories but also with simple MS-Excel files.
This app installed on SMH300 hardware is capable of driving up to 10 SLATE106 labels.

Principle of operation

The door displays are configured using the Screen Composer tool.
Once finalized, the configuration project is published on the SMH300 via a simple http (s) connection.

The BLE SMH300 hub connected by LDAP with the corporate directory or a private data source, composes, at the desired rate, an image with the information to be displayed (name of the person residing in the office, period of downtime, etc.).
This image is then sent to the SLATE106 door labels.

The data source of doors can come from a corporate directory such as MS-Active Directory or a simple MS-Excel file containing the information to be displayed.