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SAMSUNG Display inaugurates its new showroom with INNES

 Sara  04.06.2019  Press Release  SANSUNG, Partnership  EN

SAMSUNG Display and INNES teams held an event on last June the 6th at SAMSUNG. It was the occasion to present the premiere of the SAMSUNG new showroom, and to present the INNES PlugnCast CMS compatibility with SAMSUNG Tizen SoC screens!

Rennes, 2019 June the 6th –

June the 6th was the day that SAMSUNG Display and INNES event took place at the new SAMSUNG showroom.

What was in the program? Respective presentations of SAMSUNG Display and INNES; discovery of the INNES CMS PlugnCast advantage combined with SAMSUNG Tizen screens; visit of the new SAMSUNG showroom and end of the event around cocktail and networking.

Franck Dupin’s word, INNES’ CEO

“The collaboration with Samsung Display is not recent, but we have now made a new step with the possibility of publishing content from our CMS PlugnCast directly onto the screens without any use of media player.

Even if we remain convinced that using the media players still make sense when it comes to certain projects. Particularly, in “corporate” communications, a lot of usage cases such as buildings signage or communications in stores can, henceforward, be treated with smart monitors such as Tizen.

This event was an occasion to present the CMS PlugnCast new capacities. Moreover, it allows us to better support our resellers and distributors into well qualifying the projects and then propose the best technical solutions for the users.”

Gary Guillier-Marcellin, display division director at SAMSUNG, speaks up

A word about today’s event?

“After few months of development from our INNES partner, we came to this outcome, tonight, of the presentation and validation of INNES software on our System on Chip.

We are very proud of having INNES as our partner since it has been a long time that INNES is present on the market and known as one of the leaders.
It brings us, of course, additional potential clients. It shows, as well, that software editors trust our material which has more than 6 years, now, for the SoC anyhow.
As for the screens part, it has been 15 years that we provide big sized screens, so far.

It is really with great pride that we are hosting this evening, together, to embody this partnership that we have been discussing for a while.”

According to you, what are the advantages of the collaboration between INNES et SAMSUNG?

We are very attached to the partnerships ecosystem. Why? Because we cannot succeed on our own.
Even though we are called SAMSUNG, every client has a project which totally different from a project of another client. We must talk with this client and with our partner. We are to come up to our clients with the best possible solution with respect to their needs.

This dialogue between INNES et SAMSUNG will enable to create complementary selling opportunities to SAMSUNG and to INNES, to respond to the clients’ needs together and to present solutions together to our clients.”

>> To hear the podcast on his full interview (in French only)

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