Private label products

We bring your product ideas to life in record time with our reference designs

See us as an expert partner capable of supporting you in the realization of your electronic product

  • A portfolio of around ten reference designs that we can use to create your product
  • A multidisciplinary team available to listen to you and advise you
  • A culture of innovation anchored in our genes
  • An experience of more than 19 years in the design of audiovisual equipment and associated software

Let's analyze together your needs and the best options to carry out your project

We accompany you in the edition of the specifications and in the construction of the various milestones of the project. We identify with you the reference designs that would save you time

We design all or part of your electronics, mechanical enclosure and associated software

Our deliverables cover the industrialization file to launch production in our factories

Our design environments

C/C++, RUST, Java, .NET, JavaScript/TypeScript

NXP, Rockchip, Intel, ST Micro, Nordic, FPGA Xilinx, DSP TI

Linux, Android, MS-Windows

Ethernet PoE, Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID/NFC, USB-C