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INNES lauches the brand Qeedji:Dissociation of two know-hows

 Sara  02.07.2019  Press Release  Qeedji  EN

INNES launches the brand Qeedji wishing to separate the audiovisual manufacturing activity from the software editing one.

Rennes, May, the 27th 2019-

This 2019 year marks a turning point for INNES company.
For 14 years, the French company has been known as a professional audiovisual material manufacturer and digital signage software editor.

In order to better adapt to the market trends which have evolved tremendously during these last years, the company decided to dissociate the “materials” part from the “software” one.

To be in the same time manufacturer and editor was offering INNES the advantages of an integrated whole approach but also the drawbacks of a too monolithic solution.
All this in a situation where the market demand lies, henceforth, in the ability to compose the solutions with a high interoperability level.

A desire for simplification

Prepared for months, the dissociation represents an important work of products and solutions simplification.

The two brands bring, each, adequate responses to AV and IT market and enroll, hence, in the same sector in which the company took its chance in its creation: Digital Signage!

INNES will focus on the software offer, mainly boosted by the CMS PlugnCast with Playzilla for audiovisual communications, and by the SignBuilding range (Signmeeting, SignDoor and SignWay) for buildings signage.

As for Qeedji, it will carry all the AV and IT materials portfolio such as media players (DMB400, SM300, DME204), meeting rooms’ screens and IoT network access points (SMH300, etc).

Today, the digital signage role doesn’t need to be proved any longer. The potential of this new « intelligent » and « dynamic » communication has proven itself to be effective and we are still in the beginning of the revolution!

Why did the management take this decision: Franck Dupin, CEO, answers?

"INNES has always paid a close attention to its clients and partners as well as its market evolution.
For months now, its mixed positioning, combining the material manufacturing and the software editing started to be a hurdle to the international ambitions of the company.

Indeed, in a French market where INNES is widely known, the integration of both the disciplines was well accepted despite being unusual.

Our presence in Germany in the last two years as well as our first actions in multiple European countries push us, now, to consider structuring our positioning, differently.

Henceforward, Qeedji will be able to act as an AV and IT equipment provider for numerous other software editors or digital services companies, while INNES could focus on accompanying resellers in order to satisfy, as keen as possible, the particular needs of each one of the final clients, regardless of the equipment deployed.

This new orientation comes hand with hand with a strong ambition of becoming a European reference when it deals with the passionate market that is the Digital Signage.

We have demonstrated during these past 14 years that our products and solutions are reliable, functional and innovative.
We are always working with passion to bring you disruptive new products and solutions, in the upcoming months. So, stay tuned!"

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