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Our first participation in Spain: go to BITAM Show!

 Sonia  21.11.2019  Exposition  BITAM  EN

The team will welcome you on its booth n° 23B!


Products and solutions to be showcased


For the building signage, INNES will present its main software:

• SignMeeting: software for meeting room booking
• SignDoor: software for digital signage on wireless displays placed on office, cabin or room doors in a hospital
• SignWay: software for searching people and places in a 2D / 3D map that can be consulted via interactive terminals
• PlugnCast CMS: software dedicated to the management of multimedia content for displaying on a network of screens

Qeedji: brand launched by INNES in 2019 to support its entire portfolio of professional audiovisual equipment, IT and IoT

Regarding Qeedji materials, the following will be showcased: • Media players (SMA300 FHD, DMB400 UHD)
• The 10” screen dedicated to meeting room entrances (SMT210)
• The highly communicating e-paper (SLATE106)
• The WPAN Bluetooth Low Energy Hub, compatible with connected objects such as SLATE106 or EnOcean buttons and sensors

What’s new?

PowerPoint Qeedji Add-In Publisher: With the PowerPoint add-in, free of charge and accessible from a web download link, you can publish your slides directly to media players.


Dynamic display becomes as simple as displaying your MS-PowerPoint slideshow:

• No software to buy in addition to MS-PowerPoint
• No time wasted with video conversion. The add-in module saves the dates, times, page durations and transition effects
• High reliability of a powerful media player:
• Automatic launch of the presentation at the start of the media player
• Thanks to the CEC, use the screen remote control to scroll through an interactive MS-PowerPoint presentation
• Screen saver management
• Operation 24/7/365
• Fanless system
• Green technology
• Very low power consumption (<10W)
• 3 years warranty

SLATE106 – Digital signage

6'' electronic ink screen dedicated to digital signage.


• Android and iOS applications for inserting messages by a user on an office door
• NFC badge reader
• Built-in image editor accessible by simply connecting a computer to a SLATE106 with a USB cable
• Compatible with the WPAN SMH300 Hub. The SMH300 device connects SLATE106 displays to a corporate network and can receive a JavaScript application for example to get connected to MS-Exchange for room booking, or to a corporate directory such as LDAP / AD for names and functions of employees display on an office door
• 3 touch buttons (HID BLE)
• Autonomy of more than 3 years with 5 refreshments per day
• Very thin, 8mm thickness

SignWay – Buildings signage

Software to install on orientation kiosks for navigating on 2D/3D buildings plans.


• 2D or 3D plan with animated arrows
• Indications of the most suitable paths according to multiple criteria (people with reduced mobility, routes clearance, etc.)
• Search for places or people in the building
• Dynamic display on the home page (web page, video, etc.)
• Multi-languages
• Customizable thanks to a configuration tool