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Here INNES goes again for the 2020 ISE’s edition!

 Sara  01.09.2020  Exposition  ISE  EN

INNES is very excited to participate once again to the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, event that the company considers very important in the audiovisual scene. During this upcoming edition, INNES will be in the digital signage hall.

The team will welcome you on its booth 8-K278!

Products and solutions to be showcased:


For the building signage, INNES will present its main software:
SignMeeting: software for meeting room booking
SignDoor: software for digital signage on wireless displays placed on office, cabin or room doors in a hospital
SignWay: software for searching people and places in a 2D / 3D map that can be consulted via interactive terminals
PlugnCast CMS: software dedicated to the management of multimedia content for displaying on a network of screens

Qeedji, brand launched by INNES in 2019 to support its entire portfolio of professional audiovisual equipment, IT and IoT

Regarding Qeedji materials, the following will be showcased:
• Media players (SMA300 FHD, DMB400 UHD)
• The 10” screen dedicated to meeting room entrances (SMT210)
• The highly communicating e-paper (SLATE106)
• The WPAN Bluetooth Low Energy Hub, compatible with connected objects such as SLATE106 or EnOcean buttons and sensors
• The busy light device compliant with MS-Exchange (SBL10) • The new 10" Android tablet

What’s new?

1) PowerPoint Qeedji Add-In Publisher: With the PowerPoint add-in, free of charge and accessible from a web download link, you can publish your slides directly to media players.


Dynamic display becomes as simple as displaying your MS-PowerPoint slideshow:

• No software to buy in addition to MS-PowerPoint
• No time wasted with video conversion. The add-in module saves the dates, times, page durations and transition effects
• High reliability of a powerful media player:
• Automatic launch of the presentation at the start of the media player
• Thanks to the CEC, use the screen remote control to scroll through an interactive MS-PowerPoint presentation
• Screen saver management
• Operation 24/7/365
• Fanless system
• Green technology
• Very low power consumption (<10W)
• 3 years warranty

2) SLATE106 – Digital signage

6'' electronic ink screen dedicated to digital signage.

• Android and iOS applications for inserting messages by a user on an office door • NFC badge reader • Built-in image editor accessible by simply connecting a computer to a SLATE106 with a USB cable • Compatible with the WPAN SMH300 Hub • The SMH300 device connects SLATE106 displays to a corporate network and can receive a JavaScript application for example to get connected to MS-Exchange for room booking, or to a corporate directory such as LDAP / AD for names and functions of employees display on an office door • 3 touch buttons (HID BLE) • Autonomy of more than 3 years with 5 refreshments per day • Very thin, 8mm thickness

3) SBL10 - Busy Light device

• Red/Green indicator
• Communication with MS-Exchange
• BLE5

>> Watch our video on THE rAVe Agency website: We're speaking about our new Qeedji connected bulb: SBL10!

4) 10" Android tablet: The thinnest 10" room tablet with the brightest contour you've ever seen!

>> Watch the InAvate magazine video where Claude, our Europe area sales manager, presents our new 10" Qeedji Android Tablet, on ISE Show TV website

5) SignWay – Buildings signage

Software to install on orientation kiosks for navigating on 2D/3D buildings plans.


• 2D or 3D plan with animated arrows
• Indications of the most suitable paths according to multiple criteria (people with reduced mobility, routes clearance, etc.)
• Search for places or people in the building
• Dynamic display on the home page (web page, video, etc.)
• Multi-languages
• Customizable thanks to a configuration tool

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