Video subtitles widget


  • This widget allows to play a video with subtitle vtt (or srt)


  • DMB400/SMA300 device
  • Gekkota V4.11.10 (or above)
  • PlugnCast 3.10.50 (or above) / Playzilla 4.11.11

2018-02-12 (last update)

  • Add support for German language
  • Fix: default duration property was 00:00:00 (instead 00:00:10)



Description Version
video_subtitle.wgt 1.10.11 Download
subtitle.css (example) 1.10.10 Download

How to

  • Download the media video_subtitle.wgt and import it in your PlugnCast G3 library
  • Download the file subtitle.css (example) and import it in your PlugnCast G3 library
  • In your PlugnCast edit the media video_subtitle.wgt
    • In the linked files tab, drop from your library
      • your video media
        • supported video containers:
          • *.mp4,
          • *.mp2,
          • *.mov,
          • *.mpg,
          • *.mpeg,
          • *.mkv,
          • *.m4v,
          • *.wmv
      • your subtitle file
        • supported formats:
          • *.srt,
          • *.vtt
      • your optional custom subtitle.css file in case subtitles style customization is required
        • by default the attribute "font-size" is calculated by an algorithm to adapt layout changes; but if you want, you can set a fixed value
  • Add the widget video_subtitle.wgt to your playout and publish

Content temporarily unvailable

  • In case a message content temporarily unavailable is displayed,
    • check that your video media is properly played alone in a new playout by the DMB400 device
    • in case your need to alternate standard video medias with this widget video_subtitle.wgt
      • set the user preference to true
    • in case another video is already played in another zone,
      • set also the user preference to true

Subtitles not displayed

  • In case subtitles are not displayed, check that the timestamp value for the first subtitle is lower than the video duration or widget duration
  • Only the Web VTT subtitle (*.vtt) can be previewed in PlugnCast 3.10.42 (or above)


Description Version
video_subtitle.wgt (example) 1.10.10 Download