Important information on patch

A patch is a delivery software which permits to add/change a little functionnality on an Innes platform. It is considered as a standard delivery software, so it can be updated by standard means (Screen composer/Studio/USB dongle). Some patches are forced to be used with an USB dongle. Please refer to the separated document which describes how to update a delivery software with an USB dongle.

The label of a delivery software patch is the following :


<delivery-software-label> : Name of the delivery software
<platform> : Innes platform on which the delivery software applies
    Examples : dmc200, dmb300, dme204, sma200, smt210, rmp200, nt_ia32
<delivery-software-type> :  'setup' = Standard delivery software
                            'patch' = Patch delivery software
                            'uninstall' = Unpatch delivery software (permits to remove the patch, or make the reverse feature of the patch)
<delivery-software-version> : version (3 numbers separated with a dot)
<delivery-software-file-extension> :    '.frm' for elinux os platforms
                                        '.exe' for windows os platforms

List of patch (<delivery-software-label>) :

Please refer to the release note of each patch for further details.