Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Technical Support?

Our technical support team can be contacted by phone at +33 (0)2 23 20 01 62, 5/7 days from 9:00 to 12:15 and 14:00 to 18:00, or by email to

Screen Composer and its Apps

What is the Screen Composer licensing model? Screen Composer is the host software for SignCom, SignMeeting, SignWay or SignDoor apps. The software allows to publish the apps on 5 or 20 devices. Packs of 10 additional publications tokens can be purchased in addition. Screen Composer is compatible with all Qeedji hardware (media player, media computer, room entry tablet, indicator light).
What are the technical recommendations to install Screen Composer? Screen Composer can be installed on all IA32/IA64 MS-Windows PC. RAM 4GB or more is recommended.
How to get license keys for Screen Composer? Send an email to with the contents of the PSNs of Screen Composer, of the Apps and an email address that will serve as your unique identifier. You can also directly attach to your email the license agreement file that contains the PSNs.
How do I get Screen Composer and Apps updates? The software update is available under a maintenance contract. This contract makes it possible to benefit from all the improvements and corrections made to the software on average 3 to 4 times per year. It also allows access to the download portal for documentation and software accessories (scripts, content models, etc.). Finally, it gives the right to telephone and email support for assistance with the use of the software.
🖈The maintenance contract takes effect a few days after the date of your order with your reseller. It will be sent to you in the form of an electronic document by your reseller or directly by INNES, if you request it. In the case of a new installation, if the use of the solution will be deported, you can provide a later delivery date for your maintenance contracts.